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A web-enabled locker system as an alternative digital mail and parcel solution for the

  • Post reception for residential and commercial customers,
  • postage in cooperation with postal partners
    for commercial customers and to the
  • Transfer of goods or deposit to a third party.

The monthly fee and payment modalities are determined by the operator and can be viewed on the operator's website.

Regsiter on

The terms of the contract can be found on the operator's website.

The following data are required for registration: : name and address, email address and phone number.

In case of an offset we need your IBAN.

You can find this information in your POBox customer account under Help and support.

In principle, you as a user must agree on so-called deposit permits with the affected postal and parcel service providers.

With a drop-off permit, you confirm to a shipping service provider that they may drop off your deliveries at the parcel station.

You can find the links to the corresponding forms
in your POBox customer account.

As delivery address use the address
of your POBox location and the box number assigned to you. For example:

Paketstation „Betreibername“
c/o Mustermann 1LR6E5CP
Musterstraße 13
1234 Musterort


The P.O. Box number must appear in the address header so that the delivery service can store your delivery in the parcel station.

The mailbox number is used to assign your mailings. It was sent to you in the course of registration by e-mail. You can find the complete delivery address in your POBox customer account under My mailbox.

For the dispatch of parcels and letters, the operator must have concluded a corresponding shipping agreement with a postal service provider, this is not the case at every site. Please ask your site operator about this possibility.

For recipients

First steps

You can find the registration form on the website of the Variocube

Select the desired location.

For registration we need your contact details, a valid email address and a phone number.

If you are already registered, you can access your user account by logging in

Fill out the form - in the last step you can check all entries again and view the terms of use.




Important: e-mail address must be valid, as you will receive notifications relevant to the service via it (information on package receipt, etc.).

After submitting the form, you will receive an email to the email address you provided to confirm your contact information. Click "Confirm email address" "Confirm email address"

In your customer account you can change your master data at any time and view the delivery history and your notifications.

Reception and collection

If a shipment has arrived for you, you will receive an e-mail with the subject line "Your delivery has arrived".

Important: Sender is Check your spam folder if necessary.

These messages contain your pickup code, which you can use to pick up the shipment from the parcel station. Bring this pickup code with you to the parcel station!

If several applications are installed on the system, select in the Start menu the option "Parcel Station". 

Otherwise, see the next step.






Select the option "Pick up".

Note: If the screen does not display the Start menu, pressing the arrow in the upper left corner will take you back there at any time.





Sie werden nun zur Eingabe Ihres Abholcodes aufgefordert. Benutzen Sie das Tastenfeld um den Code einzutippen.

If you have a fixed allocated post box, the collection code is visible in the customer account.

If the pick-up code is entered correctly, your post box or the box with your delivery will open automatically. Remove your parcel or mail.




To complete the operation, close the tray and press on the display "Confirm"Press "Open again", in case you have forgotten something.

Important: After 20 seconds, the system automatically confirms the operation!

Once the box is closed and the process confirmed, you will receive an email confirming the collection of your delivery.

P.O. Box

POBox Operating instructions